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  Half Hour Hour
Massage $40 $70
Facial $40 $70
Facial with Peel $10 $10
Multi-pack 5x
massage or facial
$35 / service $65 / service
Reiki $40 Not available
Not available $110 /massage
Muscular Health means giving your body the best opportunity to maintain a healthy cycle of muscular breakdown and rejuvenation. Physical workouts, auto accidents, fibromyalgia, and stress contribute to muscular breakdown. Our medical massage, designed for your needs, contributes to the rebuilding process and can offer pain relief.

Our massage therapy is often done in tandem with chiropractic adjustments for optimal muscular, skeletal and connective tissue wellness. Although a single treatment of either will give you results on their own, we recommend a physical health plan that includes a frequency of treatment that matches your needs. Everyone has different needs and will receive a consultation included with their first visit.

Oftentimes a mix of modalities, or massage techniques, will best suit you during your massage. During the consultation and at the beginning of every massage session, your massage therapist will go over the type of massage technique(s) that will benefit you the most and recommend some exercises and stretches to do on your own. To learn more about the types of massages we offer, follow the links on the left side bar.

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