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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage utilizes heavier pressure and slow movements to work into the muscles and connective tissue that lie beneath the most surface muscles on your body. It is designed to pull the muscles and connective tissue away from the bones creating space for increased range of motion and flexibility, remove toxins and impurities that settle at the deep level and reset the tendons to perform appropriately to support movement.

Because Deep Tissue Massage can be intense in nature it is recommended for people who are familiar with massage but it is not required. It is great for people who experience chronic pain (pain lasting longer than two weeks) or who have been involved in accidents or have very acute pain such as experienced with "pulling the back out" or "having a crick in the neck".

Deep Tissue Massage is also great for athletes and people who have very physical work or hobbies. It is very helpful in creating better range of motion, flexibility, body awareness, and detoxifying the body.

Due to the intense nature of deep tissue work communication is vital between therapist and client. What one person considers deep pressure may be considered light pressure by another person and while our therapists are well aware when they are working a "tight" muscle, it is the clients responsibility to communicate the pain levels. Even with good communication it is possible to experience some minor bruising.

After receiving a Deep Tissue Massage it is to normal and expected to have some minor discomfort including but not limited to muscle soreness, headaches and possible flu like symptoms. This happens because of the amount of impurities that are being metabolized by the body at one time. The best defense for this normal response to deep tissue work is be sure to drink plenty of water BOTH before and after your Deep Tissue Session.

The best way to know if you are getting enough water is to consider that your body requires one half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water every day. On days you receive massage the amount of water you drink should increase just as it would if you were working in heat or exercising. Usually adding 2 or 3 extra glasses of water is sufficient to help your body feel better faster.