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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is administered with relaxation as it’s focus. Using five main techniques and movements to push blood toward the heart, it engages the parasympathetic nervous system relaxing and promoting rest and increased digestion.

The massage is generally of light to moderate pressure and very pleasant. It can have a very rhythmic feel as the techniques tend to follow a particular order and tempo. Swedish massage techniques will flush the skin and muscles as well as knead and work deeper into muscle tissue that may be restricted with the goal of increasing circulation to help the body remove the toxins and impurities that have settled in the tissue.

Swedish massage is gentle and adaptable for patients who have specific diagnosis or injury. It is recommended for people who are generally stressed, tired, over worked, anxious or even depressed. Not all patients are candidates for Swedish massage.

As with all types of massage drinking plenty of water is highly recommended before and after treatment to encourage the full benefits of massage.