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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is the application of massage techniques that combine knowledge of anatomy and physiology with knowledge about strength training and conditioning to use specific techniques to enhance athletic performance.

Sports Massage is great for any active individual who would like to increase healing time, decrease “down time”, decrease risk of injury, and increase flexibility to compliment a vigurous lifestyle.

Sports massage techniques include Deep Pressure, Compression, Cross Fiber Friction (massage that works perpendicular to muscles fibers) to treat muscle lesions, Rapid shaking, and Active Joint Movements. These techniques are not relaxing but are very effective in preparing and helping an athlete’s body optimum performance.

Sports massage can be done both pre and post event as well as during the training season. Pre event massage prepares the muscles for the work load ahead by increasing circulation and heat in the muscles. Post event massage is great at pushing inflammation out and calming down the body slowly while addressing any physical issues that arose during the event. Massage done while training will helps to condition the body to heal faster and more fully than training done without massage.

Restorative Massage is massage completed during the training process. Athletes are able to train at a higher level of intensity for longer periods of time, more consistently with less chance of injury than athletes that do not use massage as a regular part of their training.