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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage, often referred to as pregnancy massage, is administered to an expecting mother. For the mother-to-be this treatment is focused on relaxation and relief from pregnancy side effects like hip pain, swelling in the feet and ankles, and tension relief for the shoulders and neck. Prenatal Massage works to accommodate the changing body by using careful positioning, such as side lying positions and pillows to prop the head, arms and legs.

Lowered anxiety, Decreased back and leg pain, improved sleep and decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine are just a few of the best side effects of massage when associated to pregnancy. A few others are increased levels of the "feel-good" hormones serotonin and dopamine and decreased levels of cortisol, an indicator of stress, as well as an overall improvement in mood.

While some massage therapists will not do prenatal massage during the first trimester to avoid miscarriage. Research shows now that as long as the pregnancy has been normal and there have not been any complications, massage is possible and will only help the changes that are occurring in “Mommy’s” body.

As with all massage increased water intake is highly recommended to help the body to process the toxins and impurities that are released.