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Facial Reflexology

Reflexology is described as a holistic treatment that is both scientific and energetically based. The purpose is to reduce tension and induce relaxation to bring the receiver to a place of homeostasis. This is a state of equilibrium and harmony.

(Reflex) in Reflexology- a 'reflex' is the response of an organ, muscle or gland in reaction to a stimulation caused by the energetic stream. It is best described as the transmission of a signal from one point to another via the nervous system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been in practice for thousands of years and has put in place hundreds of reflex points on the face alone. In this particular practice of facial reflexology, we work with engaging and massaging zones, not solely applying pressure to points. This massage stimulates the areas of the face that correspond to the endocrine, muscular, skeletal, immunity, digestive, cardiovascular, reproductive, respiratory, and urinary systems.

It is often asked what is the difference between facial reflexology to that of the more familiar hand and foot treatments. It may surprise many to hear that hand and foot reflexology is a modified version created in the U.S. only in the somewhat recent years of the 1930's. The beauty of facial reflexology is the proximity of the face to the nervous system [brain and spinal cord].

The messages have less distance to travel, allowing healing to occur at a faster rate. There are other benefits of working on the face. The reflex massage on the face is extremely relaxing and easy to access. Receivers are given maps to treat themselves with ease and comfort. Another benefit of performing facial reflexology is the stimulation of the lymphatic and muscular systems. This has a beautifying, detoxifying and lifting effect to the skin.

What does a facial reflexology treatment consist of ? - The treatment would start with a consultation discussing what your current pains/concerns/symptoms are? When we have worked out what your main concern is, we move into the treatment room. This is not a facial, no need to remove makeup or cleanse the skin. You will stay clothed, but for comfort, you will lay on a massage table with a blanket covering you for warmth and relaxation.

The treatment session can be a 30 minute or an hour in length. It is highly suggested that you have a 90 min. treatment for you first Reflexology treatment. A treatment prodocol is most efficient when we focus on one organ system per session. You are then given a map to take home and continue a self-care treatment for 21 days and 7 days off. If you are still working with the same symptoms you would continue for another 21 day period. When the receiver is ready to move onto another symptom, you would return for another treatment series.