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Gua Sha Facial

GUA SHA Facial is an ancient Chinese healing technique that uses a stone tool to apply pressure and stimulate circulation. Before we go any further, there’s an important distinction to be made. On the body, it’s really broad vigorous strokes to bring out toxins, increase blood flow, and relieve tension. (And, yes, this can often lead to light bruising.) Facial gua sha comes from the same root, but has evolved over time to become its own art. It’s a more gentle, fine-tuned adaptation that focuses on individual muscles, fascia, lymphatic stagnation, meridian lines, and pressure points.

For the skin, gua sha encourages collagen production (strength in cells). It sculpts and tones the face shape, allowing inflammation to drain and muscles to become free of tension — allowing them to do their supportive jobs properly. It also helps the skin return to its most radiant state as circulation is increased, sending nutrients to areas that may have been starved because of blockage.

Gua Sha Facial benefits include:

  • Tones the muscles of the face which can help with sagging skin
  • Firms and hydrates the skin
  • Relaxes muscle tension in the face, contributing to full body stress relief * Boosts blood flow & circulation
  • Moves stagnant blood that contributes to dark circles & under-eye bags
  • Helps the skin recover from blemishes & acne scars
  • Prevents wrinkles and helps smooth existing lines
  • De-puffs and slims the face
  • Instantly lifts and plumps the skin
  • Allows serums to penetrate deeper post-treatment
  • Aids in neck pain & headaches brought on by tight muscle or fascia
  • Boosts SELF-CARE! (a wonderful way to touch and love on your body)

Gua Sha Contraindications include:

  • Inflammation of the skin ( rosacea, eczema, severe acne breakouts)
  • Sunburn
  • People on blood thinners

Anyone with dermatitis or easily irritated, hyper-sensitive skin should be careful with gua sha. Many people can become easily red or flushed after circulation of a facial massage, but for those who often breakout in rashes or dermatitis-like skin irritation as a result of using new products or from their skin being touched or massaged, it is recommended to wait until the skin is brought into a more stable state before trying gua sha.

People who have had fillers or botox should wait at least three months after their procedure to do facial gua sha on those areas where they received injections. They can do gua sha on other areas, or at least the neck. Releasing the neck is essential for facial work and can even help to create change and improve skin health.